All-in-One Ticketing System


Main Features

Stay Organized with Task Management

Streamline your tasks and documentation to resolve requests faster using our simple task management solution.

AI Content Generator

Quickly generate or search for possible solutions using ChatGPT.

Assets, Clients, Groups and Sitess

Manage documentation on your clients or users, assets and remote offices.

Contract Renewals

Keep track of your contracts and set contract reminders for renewals.

Knowledge Base

Enable the simple knowledge base tool to keep documentation, training material, knowledge transfer and more under one umbrella with our IT ticketing system.

Simple Project Management

Link multiple tasks under a project so everyone can see the bigger picture and track progress.

Additional Features


Get reminders when tasks and tickets are overdue or comes off hold.

  Access Control

Control exactly what each agent has access to.

  Self-service Portal

Allow your clients to manage their requests and see what assets are assigned to them using a simple portal.

  Free Version

Use our ITticketing system free forever, or modify your subscription at any time.

  Email Notifications

Receive notifications when tickets are assigned and updated.


Quickly clone a task/request to reduce data entry on similiar tasks.

  Canned Responses

Store frequently used responses to save time later.

  Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Set predefined due dates for tasks that belong to an entity (billing audience).

  Export Knowledge Base

Quickly export KB entris to a pdf to share via other channels.

  Support feedback

Allow clients to rate their support using a 5 star rating system when ticket closes.

  Scheduled tasks

Configure repetive tasks, like daily checklist or preventive maintenance tasks.

  Task Templates

Save frequently created tasks as a template to reduce repetitive data entry.


Forward emails requests from clients stright to the ticketing system.

  Task Timer

Start a timer on a task to track how much time was spent.


Vertask IT ticketing system offers many additional features to help keep you on track and organized.


Simple Pricing

Free for two agents, or $8.00 per agent for larger groups.

Note: There are no limits on clients.