Project Task Management and Ticketing

Task management and ticketing were baked into the core of Vertask. A task and a ticket are virtually the same things. It's a ticket to the user, but a task to the agent or administrator resolving the problem.

Use Vertask to create tasks as many times as you like, and tie them to assets, locations, clients, and more. Creating a task is extremely simple and can be done in 3 clicks once you're signed in. 

Other features include:

  • Set due dates on tasks
  • Set priority on tasks
  • Share tasks with other teams or individual agents
  • Create private tasks no one else can see
  • Notifications on task updates
  • Follow/unfollow tasks to stop notifications
  • Put tasks on hold to hide them until a future date
  • Create scheduled tasks
  • Email to ticket functionality

Other the other side of our Vertask, clients who access the Self-service Portal can create new tickets, and track any ongoing cases they have open. They can also browse any knowledge base entries shared with clients.

All of this, with almost no setup involved. So what are you waiting on? 

Vertask makes a perfect IT ticketing system with its help desk management software features.

Start managing your tasks and user requests like a boss with Vertask today, and sign up!