Updated 2y ago

  • Vertask is a simple and efficient ticket system for small-medium sized business and especially great for IT and technical departments. 

    No need to struggle through random customization in an attempt to make valuable data. Our software is based on what a help-desk technician needs to streamline their assignments and resolve tickets faster and more efficiently.

    With Vertask, you can quickly create or resolve support requests for your users, or create tasks and reminders for things you have to do. Ticketing features include:

    - Setting reminders on tickets

    - Putting tickets on hol

    - Creating templates for tickets you create often

    - Sending internal updates so only other agents see it

    - Allowing users to create and update their requests from the Client Dashboard

    - Many other options

    Vertask also has built-in Asset Management, Location Management, and Knowledge Base to help keep the data your and your support team needs to quickly resolve problems for users.

    Asset Management

    Our asset management allows you to add your hardware and software assets. You can enter things like make, model, serial number, and many other attributes. This way, when your support needs this information, can quickly look it up. It also allows you to keep better track of who has what if you have many users. You can associate assets with users as well as locations.

    Location Management

    Working in IT for a location with many offices, daily I use to receive calls from offices who lost internet connections or phone service. Time and time again, I found myself going to the accounting department for the latest bills, looking through emails for support info for the branch, and so on. Vertask allows you to put all your troubleshooting information for your offices all in one location. This way, your support can quickly pull up a location to see troubleshooting and technical pieces of information right at their fingertips.

    Contract Management

    Do you have a lot of third party contracts that you need to keep organize so you can reference quickly in the future? 

    Vertask simplifies the management of your contracts so you can easily keep track of renewals and reference them easily in a centralized repository. 


    Do you find yourself often looking up the same troubleshooting info? 

    Create a quick knowledge base entry instead. This way you can look it up later and recall what you did. You can also share it without agents, and decide if they can edit it. This is great for knowledge sharing and training, and also another great way to keep troubleshooting documentation. 

    Best of all, you can give agents different permissions to allow or prevent them from modifying things in different sections.

    Vertask is continuously improving our site and adding new features our customer want to see. Try us free today and let us know what you think!