Stay Organized and Keep Your Team On the Same Page

Vertask is a cloud based ticketing system and task management solution to keep you organized at the office and remotely, It's so simple, you can create an account, get signed in and start creating tasks in under 5 minutes! 

With Vertask, we took our expertise running and managing an IT helpdesk and set out on a goal to build a simple and intuitive helpdesk solution to help manage user requests, keep up with documentation and manage the information for the things we tend to need most.

As calls or emails roll into your queue, quickly create tasks to manage and follow the case from start to finish. As you make updates to a request, users associated with the task and other agents assigned to it are notified. Other agents can sign into their admin dashboards to create tasks as well to see tasks that have been assigned to them, while clients also have a simplified dashboard if you choose to give them access, enabling them to follow existing requests and create additional ones. Vertask allows agents to follow tickets in real-time and always know which tasks are closed and which ones are still open, so multiple agents have a chance to resolve them quickly.

As you create a task (or "ticket"), quickly tie it to assets, users, locations, and more. This way, you can look at an asset later and see previous tasks associated with it, or how many are at a location. You can assign a task to another agent, multiple agents, or a group of agents. As one person makes updates, everyone involved can follow the case and be notified. Tied the task to multiple users and they too are all updated when changes are made to the task. 

Vertask is built on the idea that everything revolves around a task - whether that's something someone else needs or something you've tasked yourself with.

A task, or a ticket, can be very detailed, a simple note or reminder. Easily follow up on requests and have peace of mind knowing you took care of everything you needed to in a timely fashion.

Do you constantly find yourself scrambling for account numbers, support contacts, or documentation on your assets, locations, or clients? We've many it simple to create documentation. You can even control who has access to it and whether they can edit it or not. This allows you and your team to create documentation on the things you're each responsible for, and share it with the ones on your team who need to know.

  • What are your procedures for setting up a new hire, and what do they need access to?
  • Or how do you handle a term? What systems do they need to be removed from?
  • How do you add toner to the office printer again, and where does the warranty expire again?
  • What is the IP to that one device at one of your offices?

With Vertask, you can make documentation once with our IT knowledge base tool, updating it when things change, and avoid pulling your hair out later trying to remember what you did to fix some piece of software 2 years ago.

Join today and let us help make your life easier by keeping you organized!