Projects Docs

Use projects to help keep your tasks and tickets organized, keeping everyone on track.

Create a project

Our project task management allows you to link multiple tasks together to better track the various ongoing task items of a larger goal.

To create a new project, click the + symbol on the top nav, and click "New Project".

  • Give your project a name, select which agents have access to the project, and add some details. After filling in useful details about your project, click "Create Project" on the top nav.
  • Next, you can add additional details about the project, or create new tasks that link to the project. (Alternatively, you can also navigate to any task and assign it to a project.)
  • You can set the urgency of the project on the right nav.

Start keeping track of your projects today!

How to delete a project

Navigate to the project you sign to delete.

On the bottom right of your computer (right nav on mobile), click the Delete Project link.

  • Note that this will only delete the project. Any tasks associated must be deleted independently, or you can manage the status of the tasks.