Sites Docs

Store documentation about your different sites/facilities so everything is in one place when you're troubleshooting problems later.

Create a New Site/Office

Sites are good for companies that have multiple offices/facilities. This allows you to store useful information about your location, and link that location to things like tasks and clients. This can be things like IP info, isp info, and other useful troubleshooting information for the site.

For example, if you have an IT Helpdesk that uses Vertask, it may be useful for them to quickly see info about a site, like who the internet carrier is, who the point of contact is, and more. Simply add the details. You and your team members can see, share and update the details.

Or, you may want to see which clients are at each site, or what tasks/tickets are open on a site.


How to create a new site/office

In order to create a new site, simply expand 'Sites' on the left nav, and click 'Add Site'.

At a minimum, you need to give the site a name. For example, 'Main Office', or something like 'Office 295 - Cleveland West'. 

You can then add other useful info like a contact number and address. Once you're done adding the site information, click 'Save Site'. The site is now saved and you can start tagging it to tasks and users.