Agent Permissions Last updated: Oct 4, 2022

Vertask allows you to control what information users can change and manage, and what they can have access to. Here are the various agent permissions.

  • Manage Assets - The agent can create new assets, and edit existing assets.
  • Manage Clients - The agent can create new clients, and edit existing clients.
  • Manage Contracts - The agent can modify contract settings.
  • Manage KB - The agent can modify kb settings.
  • Manage Projects - The agent can modify project settings.
  • Manage Sites - The agent can create new sites and locations, and edit existing entries.
  • Manage Tags - The agent can create new tags, and edit existing tags.
  • Super User - The agent can modify company settings, integrations, agent settings, delete the tenant, invite new agents, and modify billing.
  • Integration Permissions
    • Azures - The agent can view and modify Azure integration settings.
    • LogMeIn Central - The agent can view and modify LogMeIn central integration settings.
    • Websites - The agent can view and modify website integration settings.
    • Zapier - The agent can view and modify Zapier integration settings.
  • Reseller - The agent can view the reseller portal, invite new clients, and withdraw any active balance.
  • View Reports - The agent can view reports.

To modify agent permissions, go to Settings and click Agents. Find an agent and modify their permissions. You must have permission to edit the company to access this page.