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Step 1

  • Download the Vertask agent above, and unzip the file into your "Documents" or "My Documents" folder -- or any other folder that you like, C: ?.

Step 2

  • Go into the "Vertask Agent" folder you unzipped in your Documents.
  • Right click the "Vertask Agent" program, select "Send To" on the menu that comes up, and then "Desktop"

The program will now show up on your desktop, so that you can run it anytime you like.


The program will continue to run in your system tray when you close it. You can quickly jump back into Vertask by double clicking Vertask in the system tray.

You can also pin Vertask to your task bar when you have it open, that way it will be there anytime you want to quickly jump back in as well.

To completely close the Vertask, right click it in your system tray and select exit.