Hackers targeting passwords your Chrome browsers remember

Do you allow your browser to save and autofill your passwords when you visit websites that need credentials?

New reports suggests that hackers are now targeting stored passwords in Chromium based browsers, like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

A new malware-stealing tool called Redline Stealer. The tools targets both the browser, as well as VPN utilities, which many "work from employees" use to connect back to their corporate networks. And worst of all, it appears to get around various antivirus solutions. Worst of all, anyone can get their hand on this tool for only $150.

While the credentials storing feature of browsers are very convenient, we highly recommend that you get a password manager to store and encrypt your passwords instead of allowing your browser to remember your passwords. Use a free tool like Bitwarden to keep all your password secure, and to easily generate long, complex passwords that you don't need to remember.

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